Dema Naa dares AG to review his $5.7 gold scam with Anas

Dema Naa of tamale

The man at the centre of $5.7 million gold scam Mohammed Hafiz Abdullah who is the Dema Naa of Tamale is fighting back to redeem his image.

Dema Naa who is not enthused about being tagged a fraudster wants the case to be revived and go through proceedings for him clear the “fraudster” tag on him insisting that he did no wrong.

According to him at a press conference in Tamale, Anas and his gang took $50,000 bribe to frustrate the case indicating that if indeed he had committed any crime, he would have been behind bars but here he was walking free.

“What happened to that case? There is no judgement. No court has convicted him and I am not a fraudster and a crooked. I am daring the Attorney General to revive the case in order for me to clear my name”, he disclosed though he admitted even he was arrested and investigated by the security

Hafiz of Hafred Security Services Limited was arrested for allegedly defrauding a Dubai Company of US$ 5.7 million in a gold scam in 2009.

The services of Egbert Faibille Jnr private legal practitioner and current Chief Executive Officer of Petroleum were retained as a lawyer by the duped company to ensure prosecution of Hafiz and his accomplices.

In recent comments to the development, Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako said Hafiz claims of Anas dropping the investigation cannot be true because the matter ended in court.

He disclosed that Anas and his team were not pleased with the manner in which the case went which triggered the judicial investigations.

“Justice Charles Quist was part of the judges captured receiving bribes by Anas exposé on the judiciary in 2015. Clearly, I believe in trying to get money from Ken, Hafiz deliberately misled Ken and as usual, Ken goes to town with cooked information”, he revealed.


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