Social media react as chewing stick undergoes rebranding abroad, sells for $15 in the US

Social media users have reacted after “recent development”, which is chewing stick undergoing rebranding abroad and being sold for a price one never expected.

Chewing stick organic toothbrush | Airnewsonline

The chewing stick which had undergone rebranding abroad is now being sold in London for £14.99 and $15 in United States.

Here are some reactions and photos trending on Twitter below;

@Olushola_shola wrote;

See how much chewing stickis sold in London £14.99 Package yourself guys….

Organic toothbrush chewing stick | Airnewsonline

@Nwankpa_A wrote;

My people come and see o! Common chewing stick don travel overseas come rebrand. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, the Organic Toothbrush – 30 day supply goes for $18.

@ayobamiolunloyo wrote;

See what happens when we Africans don’t innovate? Someone packages ‘pako’ (chewing stick) and calls it an “organic toothbrush”. How many new products could #Africa give the world?

@Euronaire wrote;

What we fail to value has been transformed by westerners. Please welcome our very own PAKO, now classified as organic toothbrush. Chewing stick $15 (N5’400)

@Rasheekareem wrote;

Wonderfulment! Nigeria’s ‘Pako’ Chewing Stick Gets Rebranded To Mishwak Organic Toothbrush Sold For… Packaging and branding is gradually


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