Cause of Kumawood actor Abass Blinks’ death finally revealed [Photos]

Abass Nurudeen Blinks dead
Abass Nurudeen Blinks earlier reported the death of popular Kumawood actor, Nurudeen Abass popularly known as Blinkz in showbiz.

Cause of Kumawood actor Abass Blinks death revealed

After the report, more information is tripping in as the cause of Blinkz death. As reported earlier, Blinkz died from a stab wound.

It has been revealed that Abass was in a fight with a man at Sawaaba, a popular Muslim community in Kumasi, Ashanti Region.

In the course of the fight, the other guy picked up an object believed to be a knife and stabbed Blinkz in the head.

He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but Blinkz couldn’t make it and was pronounced dead a few moments after arriving at the hospital.

kumawood actor blinkz cause of death
Cause of Kumawood actor Abass Blinks death

However, is still waiting on the police, the doctor’s report and the family to confirm the cause of death of one of the most talented actors at Kumawood, Abass Nurudeen.

Abass nurudeen blinks
Abass Nurudeen Blinks

cause of abass blinks death




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