Beast of No Nation actor Striker explains how he ended up on the streets after he was paid $30,000

Strika Beast of No Nation actor back on the street as a beggar

Not long ago, reported that Beast of No Nation actor Striker born Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye now begs on the streets of Accra to survive.

The young actor now works with a man who sells yam at Agbogbloshie Market and he stays with his grandma at North Kaneshie. has sighted a video of Striker narrating his life after “Beast of No Nations” which has made his co-actor, Abraham Attah an award-winning Hollywood actor.

Striker on set Beast of No Nation with Abraham Atta
Beast of No Nation: Striker and Abraham Attah on set

Narrating the story Striker said he was paid $30,000 as his payment for starring in the award-winning movie which represented 1% of the total budget for the movie.

But according to the actor he has not yet seen the said money.

According to Striker, a gentleman by the name of Kofi Robert, whom he [Striker] does not know very well, took custody of the money with the agreement that he will hand over to him when he is 18 years old.

The Hollywood actor says he is 18 years old but the gentleman is refusing to give him the money and he does not understand why because he has guardians/Family members who could have kept the money for him safely instead.

Explaining his relationship with the now popular Hollywood star Abraham Attah, he said Abraham Atta has changed towards him and he talks to him rudely with no respect.

He explained that the last time he saw Abraham Atta was on TV and he has not heard from him personally in a long time.

He also revealed that he was paid a physical cash of GHS10,000 for shooting “Jungle Justice” in which a gentleman by the name Mawuko made him use the money to buy clothing.


He explained further that, he was told he needed the clothes to attend a program outside the country.

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Watch the interview below:


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