Baffour Gyan declared wanted by East Legon Police

Baffour Gyan declared wanted
Baffour Gyan

Baffour Gyan has been declared wanted by the East Legon branch of the Ghana Police Service for the seizure of the passport of Gifty Gyan, wife of Asamoah Gyan and that of her three children.

Baffour Gyan has been accused of seizing the passport and other travel documents of Gifty Gyan and her three children after luring them to jet off to Ghana from the UK, where the kids are schooling.

The documents according to reports comprise passports, UK residence permit and health insurance.

Baffour Gyan declared wanted by East Legon Police
Baffour Gyan declared wanted by East Legon Police

Reports stated that all attempts by the East Legon Police Station to get Baffour Gyan to return the travel documents have failed.

According to the East Legon Police, Baffour Gyan seems to be concocting stories, having initially told the Accra Court police in a preliminary hearing that thieves broke into his car to steal the travel documents, but when he was told to bring the car for examination, he said that he just can’t find the documents.

The situation compelled Gifty’s lawyers to lodge an official complaint as they say under the law, only a court of law can ground a citizen of Ghana for the stated reason.

The East Legon Police says Baffour Gyan has failed to respond to calls to appear.

Ghanaian footballer and captain of the Ghana Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan has allegedly filed for divorce from his wife, Gifty Gyan, at the Divorce and Matrimonial Division of the High Court, Accra.


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