Alleged Nima lesbian Safura Aminu blast critics after her video went viral

safaru aminu
Safaru Aminu earlier reported the news about two Nima Muslim ladies who have taken social media by storm to share a video of themselves engaging with a ring sparking a lot of controversies among social media users.

One of the ladies in the video identified as Safura Aminu has blasted her critics after their video went viral.

According to her, if Fati is afraid to speak up, then she’s bold enough to face her critics since it has already got into the media space. She insulted her critics using vulgar words against them in her Hausa language.

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She further stated that her critics have no evidence to prove that she’s a lesbian and therefore no one can come between them.

In the viral video, the two were seen lovingly hugging after Safura put the ring on the other girl’s (Fati) finger; a sign of union. The video was captioned: “Tanks bby”.


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