Accra men luring our women with money – Kpikpira chief

Accra men luring our women with money Kpikpira chief

Elders of Kpikpira in the Tempane District of the Northern Region have accused some men in the southern parts of the country for allegedly luring women from the north with money.

The elders lamented that married women who migrate from the north to the southern parts of the country to seek greener pastures fail to return to their husbands after being lured by men in the south with money.

As a result of this situation, it has made most men in the north bachelors because the women they had hoped to marry have decided to stay with richer men in Accra, Kumasi and other southern cities of the country.

Ali Yaro, the spokesperson for the Kpikpira elders, speaking with World Vision attributed this menace to the high-level of poverty in the northern parts of the country.

Ali Yaro added that lack of jobs forces these women to travel down south in search of greener pastures and that is how they are lured by the men in the cities with money.

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“The poverty level here is very high during the dry season because our lands are not fertile enough so both men and women travel to the cities to look for other alternatives for survival, and some end up doing galamsey.

“When our women go because they are new and desperate for jobs to make money they accept offers from men who promise to give them money and we the men up north suffer for it,” he lamented.

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Ali Yaro appealed to men and women of Kpikpira, who have travelled south to search for jobs, to return home and help develop the Shea-butter business.


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